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Background and qualifications

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About Dr. Odom 

As a native New Mexican, Dr. Odom is passionate about giving back to her community. Her experience growing up in Albuquerque instilled the values of hard work, curiosity, and respect for different cultures. She aims to bring these values to all her interactions with patients.  

As Dr. Odom began her career, it quickly became evident that the community was underserved. For instance, insurance companies would require diagnostic evaluations or clearances, but the limited or even absence of this service in New Mexico prevented medically necessary care. In response, she decided to pursue specialty training and experience in order to meet this need. Thus, Time to Evaluate was created. 


  • Clinical psychologist licensed in New Mexico

  • Board certified in bariatric counseling 

  • Board certified in applied behavioral analysis 


  • More than 5 years working with medical teams 

  • Specialty training in gold standard assessments

  • Graduate level concentration in multiculturalism

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